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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paia Bob

Sometimes finding the best opportunities for photos comes off the beaten path.  While patrolling in Paia, I decided on instinct to meander off of Hana Highway and down one of the side streets into a mini residential subdivision.  I ran into a well known Paia personality named Paia Bob.   A 22-year resident of Maui, Bob is an outspoken Hawaiian rights activist with often controversial points of view.  You can find his videos on YouTube here.


  1. This is face with a history if ever I have seen one. He hasn't had an easy life, but he has won through.

    The beard made a magnificent framing, together with the hat.

    PS Thank you for the nice comment!

  2. I just met Paia Bob this past week. If you ever have the opportunity to cross his path you'd do well in taking a moment to look deep into his eyes and embrace his relationship with the island. This is a great blog and tribute to a very wise man.